Crispy Cashew Nut Biscuit

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These Salted Cashew Crunch Cookies are one of those magical and delicious cookies that with sweet buttery fragrance, nutty crisp, and chewy. 500gram for RM9 and 1 Tin 5kg for RM74. For any parties, event, corporate tea time, bulk purchase, please contact us at



RM10 deposit is require for a TIN (Return the TIN, RM10 deposit is returnable)

  • 1 Tin 5kg Crispy Cashew Nut Biscuit (without Tin) RM74
  • 1 Tin 5kg Crispy Cashew Nut Biscuit (with Tin) RM84

(Biscuit without Tin is packet into a normal transparent plastic bag.)

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