Hwa Tai Sugar Biscuit

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A quality halal biscuit cracker with sugar sprinkled over it typically made from flour and it is an ideal snack for your tea time at anywhere and anytime! 500gram for RM8.50 and 1 Tin 3.5kg for RM39. For any parties, event, corporate tea time, bulk purchase, please contact us at foodandbiscuit@gmail.com.


RM10 deposit is require for a TIN (Return the TIN, RM10 deposit is returnable)

  • 1 Tin 3.5kg Hwa Tai Sugar Biscuit (without Tin) RM39
  • 1 Tin 3.5kg Hwa Tai Sugar Biscuit (with Tin) RM49

(Biscuit without Tin is packet into a normal transparent plastic bag.)

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